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NOCTUA ISSUE #1 – RELEASES MAY 8TH ON COMIXOLOGY (And please like us on Facebook!)

I know, I know…I said I wasn’t going to be a Tess Hatfield.  It’s been awhile since I made an update (before today)…but sometimes life gets in the way.  And by, “life” I more or less mean, “Game of Thrones.”  Anyway, to update you a bit on my work, I’ve got a new comic called NOCTUA coming out with New York Times Best-Selling Publisher Alterna Comics.

NOCTUA is going to be an ongoing, full-color series, released bi-monthly.  Right now the comic is just going to be released digitally (starting May 8th on Comixology –  However, once enough issues are released, I’m going to compile them for a Graphic Novel print run (with a different publisher, most likely).

NOCTUA is a Vampire book…but I’m reluctant to call it that, as it’s only Vampire in the vaguest sense of the word.  In fact, the politically correct term for these creatures is, “Transhuman.”  Think, “Blade” meets, “Daybreakers.”  Here’s the synopsis:

The year is 2051.  A new strain of virus has mutated 5% of the Earth’s population into creatures of the night.  “Vampires,” as they’re called by their detractors, tentatively co-exist alongside humans thanks to Aeternus Eternus, a synthetic form of sustenance created by Biotech giant Imago Labs.  But for some, nothing can truly replace the taste of fresh blood…fresh human blood.  As the illegal blood trade rises, a new predator takes to the streets.  One which even the Vampires themselves fear.  Those who have seen him and lived to tell about it can only utter one word to describe the winged avenger, hell-bent on ridding the world of their people.  “NOCTUA.”

I’m constantly providing updates on the book, new reviews, and new pieces of art on the NOCTUA facebook page, and soon I’ll be running a promotion/contest to win free signed pieces of original art from IDW published artist, Orlando Baez.  So please like it!


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